Sunday, September 16, 2007


I'm worried about the state of my mind, it seems I can't see things for what they really are, I can only see them for what I want them to be.

I just went to my room and got out this lovely scarf I bought in Bangkok last year which I've never worn before because I didn't have anything that matched navy and red. Finally today I found the perfect reason to wear it and when I got it out I discovered that it's not navy and red at all but brown and orange. And the thing is I really, really wanted a blue and white scarf which is why I bought it in the first place. Now before I can write this off as colour blindness only the other day I went to get the nice big piece of rockmelon that we'd got in our vegie box and I'd been saving to have for a snack only to discover that it was actually a nice big piece of pumpkin - guess I really wished it was rockmelon and my eyes were playing tricks.

I hope I don't discover after 3 months that Ivy is actually a boy and I've just been wishing to have a girl. Someone did refer to her as 'he' the other day...maybe I'd better go and take a closer look.


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