Thursday, September 13, 2007

Things have changed

I caught myself looking at a Kmart catalogue this afternoon at my Mums house and thinking, 'hey those t-shirts don't look too bad'. Good god, what's happened to me? I also found myself talking about how much I love Broadway Shopping centre because it's got a Kmart AND a Target. Ooh la la!

On another note I went down to Balmain yesterday to go for a walk in the gorgeous spring sunshine. There's just something about Balmain, it seems to have all the goods, amazing location, beautiful old houses, twisty charming little streets, stunning views - I really really want to like it, I do, but I just can't shake the feeling that it's really Mosman in a slightly groovier disguise.

There are just too many women with blonde streaks in their hair driving over sized SUV's down those streets I reckon. And then...just to confirm it further I popped into a baby shop to have a nosey at the clothes in there. I spotted a cute little cotton dress for a baby, the price tag? $149. The brand name? Collette Dinigan. After almost having a coronary I left the shop and was then confronted with another fun looking shop filled with cute little toys, decorations and numerous tiny colourful outfits that looked like they might be a little bit cheaper than the other store. Just before I walked in I then realised it wasn't a store for kids at all. It was a store for...............................dogs.


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