Monday, July 16, 2007

Facebook Frenzy

I love when a new trend truly embeds itself. I've been hearing about Facebook for ages now but hadn't checked it out and didn't know of anyone who used it.

Last week a friend of mine sent me an invite to join because he had. 3 days later all the way over in the UK my mate Jen sent me a similar invitation and 2 hours later my mate Kath in Far North Queensland did the same thing. None of them seeming to know about the other - spooky! So now I've joined and a wee tsunami of invitations arrive in my inbox as more and more of us join up, it's all rather cool but it kinda makes me feel old. I sort of get the point of it all....but not entirely. I mean it's not as bad as John Howard turning up on You Tube or anything (that is just desperate and tragic) but still I'm trying to grasp the facebook thing totally, and I'm not quite there yet, but it is getting to me.... now if only I could work out how to make my world map appear on my profile page.


Blogger Robyn said...

You're right, Facebook has just reached the tipping point. It's gone from obscure to mainstream almost overnight. I've experienced a similar frenzy of invitations from long lost fiends over the past couple of weeks. Do you think Facebook has a bit of an older demographic compared to MySpace? It might just be that everyone is I know is 30 plus. Anyway Kate, expect another invite coming your way soon ...

5:12 AM  

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