Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I don't like wednesdays

It's the middle of the night and I am is Ivy. For some reason she has something against Wednesday nights. This is the third wednesday night in a row (in her short 5 week life) where all of a sudden everything that usually puts her to sleep goes out the window and she goes feral.

The week seems to go as follows, 5 reasonable nights, one freakish night where she sleeps for 6 hours straight and we start to think she's a miracle baby and then come Wednesday BAM! We're up and down and living on 1 hours sleep snatched here and there.

What is it that she's got against Wednesdays? I mean I've always thought it was quite a cool day, halfway through the working week and all. Hump day and all that. But not according to the tiny tyrant who squawks and cries and is generally outraged about everything for hours on end. While she doesn't like Wednesdays it's Thursdays that I don't like cause invariably it's the Thursday where I really suffer all day sleep deprived and crazed. The domino effect means that then poor Ed suffers when he comes home and finds me red eyed and ranting about no more children and going back to work early. Magically by Thursday night the tiny tyrant reverts back to her normal reasonable behaviour and all is well again. But I have to say after 3 weeks of this weird cycle I'll be putting a black mark on every Weds for the next month!


Blogger torshy said...

I entirely agree with her - Wednesdays are dreadful. They always take so long to get to and then take so long to get past and then it's still two more bloody days till the weekend. Awful, awful things. Tuesdays are worse though.

Did you know your securty word toadya is lwotutity? It reads like a pet name in icelandic or something.

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