Sunday, June 24, 2007

The end of an era for Superdad

It's Sunday night and I've got that sinking feeling in my's the same feeling I had as a little girl when the long summer holidays were ending and Mum would take me school shoe shopping and I would be haunted by the "back to school" ads on the telly. It's the same feeling I've had as a grown up at the end of a holiday or a particularly good weekend when work starts a calling. This time the feeling is the same but it's someone else who is returning to work, yes come the beginning of the new week things will change. This time, my lovely Ed, Ivy's superdad must return to work and Ivy and I must learn to fly solo.
Superdad's special powers include super fast nappy changes even in the middle of the night, baths, strapping on the baby holder and taking the young tacker out for a walk, coffee or to the shops. Superdad plans and makes dinner everynight and reminds not so supermum of things like feeding herself and reminds her to feed Ivy as well. He also takes over during the witching hour when Ivy turns into a little demon for a couple of hours while I can sneak off to get an hour or two of sleep in case the long nights sitting up feeding are a shocker. Superdad also makes cups of tea, washes up, feeds Chloe the cat and cheers up not so super mum when she is feeling a bit crap about things.
I might be biased but I really do think Ivy and I may be of the two luckiest women around town. But sadly reality bites and superdad must return to his work at Channel Ten five days a week. It's going to be a little hard but I'm sure we'll struggle by each day and will always be looking forward to his return to babyland each evening.


Blogger torshy said...

Oh darling that sucks. On the plus side, now you can tell Ivy all the secrets about Ed he never thought you knew. And you can dress up in high heels and walk around the neighborhod like the posh mums of Kiel (or like Posh Spice) and get catcalled by young Italians.
Or you can get acquainted with other young mums of the hood... Corrinne did that via the internet and she found it really helpful.
And I'll be home by Christmas to come and have tea wth you :)

4:49 AM  

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