Sunday, May 27, 2007

Who's life have I stolen?

Sometimes things in life change fast. I had one of those funny little moments earlier today where I wandered out of my house and really took stock of where I am at these days.

A year ago wandering out of my house would have meant wandering out of a little flat in Bondi having only just arrived back in Australia after a year in Sth America, walking to the bus stop, getting on a bus to the city to make my way to my new job with my coat zipped up over my (well sort of) flat stomach. Happy to be a non driving, inner city dwelling, boozing, pet free, responsibility free type person.

This morning I got up, tried to find something that would fit over my enormous stomach, said goodbye to my cat lying in the garden, locked up my house and walked to the car, pulled out a set of keys, unlocked the car and hopped into the drivers seat stopping briefly to check on the newly installed baby capsule in the back - before revving up the engine and driving off.

Argh! All too weird. I feel like I have borrowed someone elses life, hope she doesn't want it back to soon though.


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