Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Young people today

I have to say it, at the risk sounding like a grumpy old woman. What is it with young people today? And before you think I'm going to launch into a tirade about how they are all wild, drug taking, reckless, irresponsible nutters - think again. This is exactly my problem, instead of being wild, drug taking, reckless, irresponsible nutters I'm starting to be convinced they are more conservative than my grandparents.

Everytime I meet someone from Gen Y I'm more convinced. The Gen Y's I know are all engaged or married. If they are married they probably had a big princessy wedding with all the trimmings and their thoughts have already turned to getting in the pregnant way and repaying the mortgages on their suburban homes, which are nice and spacious have plenty of rooms to fill with more babies. If they are at uni or went to uni, they seem to stick to sensible career focussed degrees and whip through in record time without seeming to want to spend years in the union bar (not that there probably is one anymore thanks to the abolition of VSU) getting hammered on cheap booze and putting off getting a job. As for the girls, god forbid that anyone might acuse them of being a 'feminist' - that's waaay too radical and scary. I totally blame one J Howard for all of this. What has he done with to these people? What's worse is that only recently I read a poll that said that these guys think Howard rocks, he's the only PM they've ever known and he seems to suit them fine.

I have been stewing over this topic all morning long between intermittent bouts of work. Just a few moments ago I went into the lunch room where one of the gen Y girls who works here was being asked about her recent wedding and how married life was going. "Oh it's so great" she sighed staring down at the big traditional sparkler on her left hand. "But it's just driving me crazy, everyone wants to know what I'm going to do about my last name. " Some Gen X fool (not me) then piped up, "Oh so you're going to keep your own name then?" At the mere suggestion of this Mrs Gen Y visibly bristled and said "Of COURSE not. Of COURSE I will change my name, it's just a matter of finding the time." and swept out of the room.

I give up.


Blogger torshy said...

Morons. Don't they realise it's much more fun to wander around unsure about your place in the world, trying various jobs which just barely pay the rent, spending all your money on travel and food and finally ending up in a small town in Germany in your late twenties teaching bankers to better crush the workers of the world beneath their Armani-clad heels?

Damn it. That didn't end up the way I wanted it.

The problem is, the older I get the more I can't help but feel a little bit less enthusiastic about doing it my way. It's great to try and live a little diffently (and we are talking just a little here) but no-one tells you that means you're going to spend your life banging your head up against the wall of conservative opinion, defending your right to put what you want in your mouth and control your reproduction, not get married and keep your last name every second minute and working for a system you don't believe in, and in which you're basically contributing to the rich getting richer and the poor getting more and more fcuked over. It's all, "you can be whatever you want darling" and "if you stand up for what you believe in you'll be a winner". Whereas the truth would be more like, "if you stand up for what you believe in you'll feel like a paraih, won't make any money and have no-one to vote for."

Which is not to say I don't think those young yuppies are brainless, soulless idiots. I just wish I was too, occasionally.

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