Thursday, February 15, 2007

Belly Laughs

Back to beautiful Thailand - not much has changed which is nice. Except maybe the amount of Thai people getting around in bright yellow t-shirts (the favoured colour to reprent the thai king) celebrated his 60 years of rule.

We arrived at the brand spanking new airport - picked up our bags and made our way through customs. A stern looking man in a uniform gave me the once over and I got that nervous Nicole Kidman in Bangkok Hilton feeling, oh no what did he want? He then waved his hands around me, pointed at my belly, exclaimed, giggled and then gave Ed the big thumbs up. Family is revered here and apart from having a cute little baby I've discovered the next best thing is to have a pregnant belly. Quite a few times we've had excited reactions (specially from men) which always results in the thumbs up to Ed. Can't wait to bring the little person back here when she's born - it's such a great place for kids.

Back on our beach in Koh Phangan - Jan was the first person we ran into when we climbed out of the back of the pick up truck. All the same people seem to be living and working here, no major changes. Even the local dogs are still here, roaming the beach, befriending tourists, sleeping under the coconut trees. The beach is looking more glorious than usual - impossibly bright turquoise water, white sand, palms trees and little waves breaking on the shore. Apart from burning my arse off on a snorkelling trip the other day which has resulted in me having to sit down carefully, wincing all the way, the days have slid peacefully into one another. Swim, eat, sleep, lie in hammock, read, eat tropical fruits, get massage, swim, head up to one of the fairy light lit bamboo huts for dinner, sleep, repeat 6 times - and we've got at least five more times to go. Bliss.


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