Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Who says teenage boys are useless?

Christmas day began traditionally, with me having a loud and spectacular vomit. Shortly before that I had been awoken by a set of shining blue eyes and the question "should we open the presents now?" by a very excited Ed at 7am. Who needs kids? Ed managed to be more excited than a bus load of five year olds.

So it was off to the Christmas tree to let the unwrapping begin. Chloe decided to supervise the proceedings from the back of the couch and all was good. Santa (Ed) was very good to me this year and I was the lucky recipient of all kinds of goodies from some very nice perfume to a wee tin bicycle made in Madagascar.

After brekky it was goodbye to Ed for the day and hello to the rellies. This was my first go at hosting and feeding the masses so I was a little nervous but had made sure everything was prepared and had delegated duties to who I thought were the more responsible members of the family. While my sister came through with the goods, bringing all the food discussed as well as some tasty extras, my forty something brothers fared less well. Brother number one arrived with four pots of dip as discussed but announced he had 'forgotten' to buy bread to scoop it up with. Brother number 2 turned up with cheese as discussed, but no sausages as discussed and instead offered up two cobs of corn and a small pile of ham - hmmmmm, creative but not quite what I was coutning on in terms of catering.

In the meantime I was faced with a mountain of food to barbeque and little in the way of help until Alec, my long haired fourteen year old nephew appeared in the kitchen, grabbed a knife and got to work. Then before I could say "do you know how to use a barbeque?" he had whipped outside and busied himself flame grilling vegies and lamb chops for the masses. Brother number two who had actually said that he would help with the barbequeing then spent all his time playing with his baby. In the meantime my other nephew wandered in and asked if he could help. He then sorted out the salads, took all the food out to the table and grabbed cutlery and plates.

Thanks to the the boys lunch was delicicious and stress free. I say hurrah for teenage boys today - and here I was thinking that all they did was sit around being smelly, playing playstation and watching the Simpsons. Shame on me.


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