Monday, December 18, 2006

Betrayal at the vets

A few months ago Ed and I became the very proud new owners of a not so new cat. Well she’s not that old but she’s a grown up cat and we inherited her. Chloe (don’t blame me I didn’t choose the name) is a beautiful Birman, a kind of fluffy Siamese with big china blue eyes. Chloe used to live with Carmen who went overseas and then went to live with someone else who also went overseas before living with Ed’s sister where she was routinely tortured by their 3 year old child before seeking refuge in her final, loving home with us.

Pig in mud is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Chloe’s new life with us. Endless selections of food, a cat door to ensure she can come and go at will a choice of comfy laps to sit on every night, not to mention our bed to loll about on all day and night. It’s been a good life.

Well until yesterday when a bout of limping meant a trip to the vet. We popped her into her (borrowed) travel box and headed off to the vet. She went a bit fluffy, did some meowing but generally was very cool. In the waiting room Ed busied himself buying her some expensive treats and keeping her company telling her she was a good girl. What did I do? I spotted a handsome young ginger cat out the front in an enclosure. The sign above said he was in need of a home and he seemed a bit lonely and was very keen on my attentions. I petted him, cooed to him, played games with him until I felt the force of two sets of blue eyes burning holes into my back. Ed and Chloe were both staring at me with a combination on severe indignation and disgust from across the other side of the room. Oops.

When we got home Ed said “I’m appalled at your behaviour, there’s poor Chloe, she doesn’t know where she’s being taken, she might think she’s about to be eaten by monsters or something and where are you? YOU are spending all your time playing with another cat! I can’t believe your disloyalty.”

Chloe also looked appalled until I gave her some of the treats that Ed had paid for and then she just purred and rubbed against my leg. See cats understand disloyalty, its part of their nature, maybe I’m part cat?


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