Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Strange things have been afoot since madame sprog took up residence in my body. I'm not talking just getting bigger in the boob / gut department or the horrifying fact that shortly I will get to see what the inside of my belly button looks like as it slowly but surely gets inched out thanks to lack of space.

Oh no, it's the more subtle things, like......my hair. I used to have to wash my unruly, quick to get oily hair about every two to three days or it would look like an greasy, woolly mop. Now my hair sits on my head, clean, unoily, sweet smelling and well behaving for up to SIX days.

Other hair is behaving odly too: the hair on my legs just seems to have gone away or at least stopped growing. My beautician / waxing lady must be missing my fairly regular business.

Fingernails: my soft, flaky bitten down stumps have turned into rock hard, smooth white talons that grow so fast I have to CUT them...they are so hardy I can't even manage to bite them off. I look like I have a permanent french manicure without the effort - ooh la la.

On the downside my tastebuds seemed to have regressed back to those of a five year old from 1976. My former loves of asian food, green vegies, salty things, hot, hot spicy chilli things, tofu, eggs and our Kylie Kwong cook book have been replaced by an alarming enthusiam for stodge, potatoes, cheese, white bread, chocolate milk, yoghurt, cans of coca cola yet more milk and recipies from my Mums 1970's Womens Weekly Cookbook.

Will things ever go back to the way they were? Would this be a good or a bad thing? I mean I would love to cancel my visits to the waxing lady permanently but can I live on coca cola and white bread without losing all my street cred and all semblence of a healthy diet? I'm kind of tempted....but then again it's a tough call.


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