Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stage Mother

Well here she is - doing her best "leave me alone, get away you pesky paparazzi" pose. Young baby Browne-Holmes revealed herself to be a girl flavoured baby last week during her scan. She also revealed that she may have a few of my characteristics already. After the u/sound operator scanned all the usual things like the heart, fingers and toes we all had a look at her girls bits. As if offended she rolled onto her stomach and assumed the above 'bugger off and leave me alone' position. Ed said it reminded him of me when I'm refusing to get out of bed in the doubt I will see more of this behaviour from my little nipper-ette when she's a bratty teenager. I have been forewarned...

In keeping with this paparazzi style shot I am already exploiting my child in true stage mother style. An agency contacted me yesterday wanting to know if I would interested in a days work doing some photo shoot about working from home along with the requisite fake husband, fake dog etc etc. I dropped the news that I was up the duff and fully expected them to say forget it we'll have to use someone else. Instead they said "you're kidding, we were just saying that we would love the woman in the shoot to be pregnant but thought it would be too hard to find someone." So they requested a few shots of me and my ever growing gut and hey presto! Me and the baby Browne are in like Flynn.

This could be the start of great things - maybe in a years time I will be one of those hideous mothers taking their brats to auditions, baby dance classes, beauty pagents and the like. If I've already scammed the baby a gig at the tender age of 5 months in utero, anything's possible. Actually, I think I need to sit down, calm down, watch Little Miss Sunshine again and get a grip.


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