Friday, January 12, 2007

Me and Toni

My agent called yesterday and told me that the casting director of a new film had seen my headshot and thought I had a 'lovely warm face' and wanted to know if I was interested in 3 weeks work as Toni Collettes stand in. Interesting, my measurements must be quite similar to hers.

I had to say no cause I've got to work and didn't have the heart to mention that my body shape is probably a little different to Toni Collettes these days unless she has swallowed a bowling ball or is back to her Muriels Wedding proportions - oh well, it sounded kind of fun. But what I think is weird is that the casting director liked my face, what on earth has that got to do with being a stand in, surely the whole point is to hide the face?


Blogger torshy said...

I would have said Penelope Cruz actually, but there's probably less chance of her turning up in a new film made in Oz...

8:19 AM  

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