Thursday, January 04, 2007


Went to the doctors today for a checkup. All just the usual stuff until she got me to hop up on the table so she could check my ever growing tummy.

She produced a device with a speaker to listen to the heartbeat. At first there was this loud constant 'whup whup whup' pounding out of the speaker - I look expectant and she shakes her head 'nah that's just you'. She moves it around looking for the little nipper and still all I can hear is my own heart whumping away loudly and steadily. She moves the device further down, to one side and then there it is, a faint echo from deep, deep down inside. A faster, softer little "whop whop whop" thumps along in double time to the deep bass of my own heart, a lovely percussive duet.

Two hearts beating in one body, quite amazing.


Blogger alexis said...

Aw, Kate. That's pretty special. I hope that wee heartbeat will be your cheersquad as you battle valiantly on.

3:54 PM  

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