Sunday, February 18, 2007

Checked out

I was lying, floating and day dreaming in the placid green water outside our bungalow the other afternoon when three little thai girls paddled up to me. They all looked quite serious and circled me like three little sharks staring hard, discussing me in Thai and frowning. Finally one of them ducked under the water to take a closer look at me and then reported back to her friends with a confused shrug and a quickfire burst of Thai. Finally the older girl looked at me and gestured upwards saying "up, up". I stood up out of the water and their eyes pop out when they see my belly. I touch it and say 'baby'.

The lights go on and they break into big smiles. "Ahhh baby, baby" they giggle. Then they each come over to pat my stomach, leaning forward whispering hello and then putting their ears to my belly as if expecting to hear someone reply. I hate to think what they thought of me before the explanation.....the worlds greediest tourist perhaps?


Blogger alexis said...

Ach! Kate! I forgot to wish you a happy birdy! (Yours, not the youngster's.) Hope it was a fine one. Pots of love, lexi

8:47 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Thanks for remembering Lexicon! It twas a fine birdy that one. I am now a very old bird, a broiler in fact. Hope all is good and well in Melbourntown XXX

9:04 PM  

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