Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fashion Frenzy

The time: 9.30am
The place: Target Leichhardt
The day: Monday

Half of me was just down there to buy groceries at Woolies, half of me was there to have a good nosey at the Stella McCartney range of clothes going on sale at Target and half of me (yes I was always good at maths) was hoping that I might be able to pick up a little designer something for a fraction of the price.

When I wandered into Target I was greeted by the sight of what had been, for several minutes anyway, the Stella McCartney fashion "concept area". By the time I arrived this area looked like it had been attacked by pack of very hungry termites. Every single rack was bare, the shop dummies were stripped naked and a pack of demented looking women circled the area clutching armfuls of clothes, barking into mobile phones and eyeing each other up. A young woman with her mum lug about 8 pieces to the counter that are all sizes and shapes - I can't imagine them fitting (or suiting either of them) a 60 something woman rushes past with a jumper and a silky camisole (I really hope it's not for her) and the remaining wannabe stick thin fashionistas finger the only remaining piece left hanging on the rack....an abandoned blue silk camisole in a very generous size 16 as if they are hoping it will magically downsize and suddenly fit their little frames.

What a weird and brilliant piece of marketing manipulation by Target. At least there wasn't any evidence of fashion fisticuffs as reported on the news at the Bondi store so that's good.

As for me, I bought some new socks and headed upstairs to the fruit and veggie shopping, my credit card safe from a ravaging for yet another day.


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