Monday, May 14, 2007

A feline tea party

It doesn't take much for wires to get crossed some days.

Me on the phone to Ed: Chloe (our cat) has got really, sticky runny eyes.

Ed: That's no good, what should we do about it?

Me: Carmens hippy friend told me that Chammomile tea is good for sore eyes I'm going to try that.
Ed (laughing): Really? How on earth are we going to get her to drink a cup of tea?
I now have a strong image of Chloe sitting down high tea style with one paw poised delicately in the air, serving herself from a vintage silver tea pot after nibbling on a freshly baked scone. Actually considering the kind of regal creature she is, it's not too much of a stretch.
In the meantime though I might just try applying it topically and seeing how I go beofre I crack out the silver tea service for us both.


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