Monday, May 08, 2006


Last week before I enter the world of work once again. I can't believe I am writing this but I am really looking forward to it. It's been nice to be at home but by next week I will be climbing the walls if I'm not out and about. But then again it hasn't been too hard being so close to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches.

Just 10 minutes from my door is the Bondi to Bronte walk - a steep climb over wind swept cliffs, views across the deep blue ocean and climbs down into a string of golden beaches. What with it being a weekday and a wee bit cold the beaches take on quite a different personality. Gone are the ice cream eating day trippers, suntanners and beachgoers. There is a secretive atmosphere - most people are alone and look like they have skived off work for the day, work nights or maybe they are just like me and in between jobs. People lie in the sun, a single surfer in a red wetsuit climbs out of the ocean shaking off salt water, old ladies walk fluffy white dogs and other solitary souls just sit staring out at the water to the horizon.

Something else I've noticed since I've been back is that here people all but disappear during the Mon - Fri 9 - 5 period. Except for mums with little kids, old people and the odd person like me - everyone else is locked up in the office. In Asia and Sth America it was difficult to tell what day it was, because everywhere was teeming with all kinds of people all the time. In some ways Sydney feels lonely through the week, but on the other hand having these beaches all to myself in the middle of a big city can't be underestimated, it's a special place this walk and it's nice to know that all you have to do is break the routine and it can be almost all yours, lovely.


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