Saturday, April 15, 2006

A hard landing

Ouch - definately had a rather fast re-entry into Sydney life. I envisaged reunions with friends, family, all the people I love and missed. I imagined unpacking our lovely flat in a leisurely fashion whilst gently pondering what I would do for a crust now I am back.

Instead this happened: the day I arrived home I was contacted by an old Editor of mine who wanted to headhunt me to write for a hot new mag that is being launched later in the year - music to a freelancers ears, of course, yes I would do it. The catch? They need the article in one week and Easter falls right in the middle. Ah bugger it, I will do it, I said.

Then later....another editor contacted me about a huge article I was writing that didn't have any deadline so I had been taking the leisurely approach. Suddenly they want to fast-track it - ohhhhkay......whens it due? "We need it in a week" and suprise suprsie Easter falls right in the middle making my interviewees out of action for four days of that week. So of course I said "Sure no problem" quietly hyperventillating to myself.

I then check my email regarding a job I applied for, I didn't hold out much hope for it as over 100 folk had applied, but there was an email asking me "Can you come in for a job interview" Sure, when? "In two days?" of course my ever more stressed answer was "no problem."

In the meantime I had no mobile number, no home phone, no internet, Eds car was being fixed and our flat is filled with dusty boxes, lights that don't work, the washingmachine is broken and I don't even know where my shoes are to wear to the interview.

In a space of five days I have run back and forth to net cafes, mobile phone shops, queued in banks, sat on the phone abusing Optus cause they still couldn't sort out our home phone or net, I vacummed, cleaned, shopped for food, unpacked and collapsed each night into bed each night in a neurotic heap.

I have seen no-one apart from my Mum and Eds sisters - I haven't even seen my new niece which makes me wracked with guilt. It has been madness. In the space of a week I have become one of those stressed city people who strides down the street shouting into their mobile phone - juggling a diary and lugging shopping all at the same time, it's a bloody long way from my beloved hammock in Thailand.

But if I survive this coming week, file my stories on Friday and collapse into a deep sleep I will be ready to start all over again. There will be reunions, wine, good food, good friends, funny stories and all the things I have been looking forward to for so, so long. I just hope I can hang on for this week or I will already need another holiday!

Ps: The good news is, I got the job I interviewed for! Come May 15th I will officially be 'employed' person- hurrah.


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