Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Cheese Sandwich

With a daily routine that goes a little like this:

7.00am Slug down urky mix of clay and psyllium husk (that swells to 40 times its size inside your body)

8.30 choke down 6 huge herbal supplements

10:00 knock back another delightful clay and psyllium number

11.30 more pills (6 of em)

1.00 more psyllium and clay shakes

2.30 another 6 pills

4.00pm another shake and coffee up the bum time

6.00 more pills

7.30 juice

8.30 another 6 pills

and so on..........

and on and on and on....

With all this stuff to force down, and all the water I'm drinking, most of the time I'm feeling quite full and quite amazingly, not that hungry.

Well that's what I thought until I took myself down to the beach for a swim- on my way there I passed a table upon which was lying, a half eaten, dried out, discarded cheese sandwich.

When I laid eyes on it my heart started with excitement and I really, really wanted to eat it.

God knows how desperate I will be by tomorrow - even the cats might need to watch out. It's enough to drive me back to the hammock.


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