Thursday, March 16, 2006


Bagan is a small town to the west of Burma that is famous for pretty much one thing - thousands and thousands of temples. In fact thousands of years ago the Kings there got the idea into their heads that the more temples the better, and the better the faster they could insure themselves a one way ticket into a good reincarnation gig.

Our merry band of elephant folk jumped on another tiny propeller plane staffed by beautiful aliens and made the short hop for 20 minutes to see the wonders there. After we landed we engaged the services of a couple of little horse and carts and clip clopped off down the dirt roads to visit the temples. Our horse was named "Rambo", when I asked the name of the other horse I was told "Rambo 2" - of course. In fact Rambo 2 was pretty cool, he liked to run to the front, liked being patted and when I turned my head away he tried to give me a good bite but missed and only managed a mouthful of my handbag instead, I love an untrustworthy animal!

As for the temples they are quite incredible, all different and all in different states of decay. Some are the home of massive gold leaf buddhas who almost look sinister at the size smiling down upon you.

After that it was a quite clip clop at a temple that we could climb to watch the sunset - there were about 6 other tourists there - what a difference compared to the near hysterical hordes at Angkok in Cambodia.


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