Thursday, February 23, 2006

Yellow Suprise

Caught up in a whirl of red tape, yesterday Ed and I found ourselves in the position of having to leave Thailand and go to Burma in order to leave Thailand next week in order to go to Burma...........confused? So were we. Yesterday with one hours notice we made the five hour bus ride up to the Golden Triangle to go over the border, get our passports stamped, put our feet on Burmese soil for 15 minutes before coming back to the Thai side to get a new four week long visa so we are able to send away for a Burmese visa so we can visit the country properly next week. All in all a pain in the arse but one thing made me laugh.

When we checked into our overpriced, seedy, grotty border hotel we were given a complimentary bottle of water. Housed in an opaque, slightly grubby plastic bottle the waters brand name emblazoned across the front was....... "Yellow Suprise".

We chose not to partake.


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