Saturday, February 04, 2006

Go Elephant

Kate: "Hey Eduardo"
Ed: "Yes Browne"
Kate: "Do you think we've done everthing there is to do in Thailand?"
Ed: "What do you mean?"
Kate: "Well I'm just checking this list here and we've been to Cambodia, we've been on the bus to Bangkok, we've been snorkelling and we've been in the jungle........ but I just have a feeling we haven't done something yet..............":
Ed: "hmmmmmmm"
Kate: "Argh! We forgot to 'Go Elephant'!"
Ed: "oh my god! We'd better 'Go Elephant' right away"

And so we did.

We are now in Chang Mai anxiously awaiting the start of our new jobs that begin tomorrow. From then Ed and I will be officially employed as "Elephant Helpers" at the Elephant Nature Park which is dedicated to rescuing and saving poor jumbos all across the land. I am hoping that A: the park will be slightly safer than it's Bolivian cousin and we won't just be sent up into the jungle with an angry wild animal alone for the day with no training or assistance and B: the ellies are as nice as the ones in the Babar books that I loved as a child. Well I mean I'm not expecting them to be wearing crowns and suits or anything like the ones in the book but I am hoping they will be well mannered, refined and grateful for my existence. And not be as unbelivably disloyal as my hissing howling bitey Ocelot who couldn't have cared less that I dedicated my days to caring for him - bless his nasty little soul.

In other words - I am happy elephants don't have claws. Please don't let one of them sit on me.


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