Friday, January 13, 2006

An Apple a day

Here at Apples Guesthouse in Kanchan Ed and I decided it was time to do more than eat all this delicious and exotic Thai food and actually go into the kitchen and learn how to do it ourselves.

With the help of our lovely ladyboy instructor we visited the market where I became rather interested in the fruits and vegies but had to try very hard not to chuck up in the meat section. I'm not just talkin about sides of beef and the like, I'm talking wriggling eels in a bucket, frogs hopping in sacks, fish flapping about on tables and frogs erm without their skins at all. I must have looked like I was ready to vomit cause the ladies in the market were laughing. One kept pointing at the frogs and then at me and saying "Very Beautiful" - what, me or the frogs? Either way she MUST have been lying.

So its back to the kitchen to learn the secrets of pad thai, red curry, massaman curry and tom yum. Although it is delicious it was a little alarming to learn that the secret the most excellent thai taste seems to be lots of fish sauce and lots of white sugar...tablespoons of the stuff. But health concerns be dammed, it was bloody delicious. So look out when we get home, Ed will whip on his red apron and we will cook for you all.


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