Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And the living is easy.........

So now we are in the islands recovering from an 18 hour spine breaking journey that started on a night bus from Bangkok where we were woken at 4.30am and thrown off the bus in the rain in the middle of nowhere, then taken in the back of a truck to a odd little office where we sat for an hour before being thrown on another bus then a very leaky rusty ferry with only a handful of locals and a buddhist monk for company before being dispatched into the hands of another truck driver to arrive here at Thong Nai Pan Noi.

In the pictures it looked idyllic, all flat crystalline blue water, white sands and sunshine, in reality we were greeted by grey skies, killer winds and alarmingly large grey waves crashing just a little too close to the beach huts. Undeterred Eduardo and I found ourselves a little bungalow for the night. But just like goldilocks the bungalow wasnt just right, the bed was like concrete and it was way too windy. Undeterred again we ventured accross the beach to the delightful Star Hut, where a bungalow with soft beds, verandah with a view and even a friendly dog were awaiting us.

Even though the weather is a bit crap we are still in heaven, after 8 months of hard travel in Sth America having a tasteful place to sleep, delicious food to eat, cold beers and piles of books to read things are looking pretty good. Just got our fingers crossed that the predicted typhoon doesnt materialise and our 3 weeks are drama free...........


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