Thursday, December 01, 2005


How do you travel from a remote town in Brasil to Marrakesch Morroco? Its easy as long as you are not too fond of sleep. Simply catch a bus, then another bus, then a taxi, then an overnight bus, then a bus to the airport, then you have a one hour argument with the check in people who have accused your boyfriend of tampering with his ticket, refuse to pay fee, finally board plane cursing South America all the while, fly all night, well until 3am when you are woken up, not that you were really asleep anyway, land in Madrid transit where there are no cash machines to get money and spend four hours being bored, hungry and thirsty before catching another plane where you have to pay if you want food or drinks - thanks Iberia Airlines, then catch another cab.

Result - our landscape has transformed from jungles and fried chicken to narrow twisty alleyways, candlelight, insense, spices, donkeys, men in long hooded cloaks, coloured silks, silver lanterns, secret gardens, hidden palaces....... Magic.


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