Saturday, November 05, 2005


Easter Island, Isla de Pascua, Rapa Nui whatever you want to call it is a dreamlike surreal place like no other. It's a place where the people look Polynesian, wear flowers in their hair and listen to Ukelale music on the radio but they also act spanish saying things like "hola amigo", taking long lunches and siestas and being crazy about football.

It's a place where all the shops close for lunch, afternoon naps, Saturday afternoons, all day Sunday and just about every other day and no one is bothered cause there's nothing worth buying anyway.
It's a place where gangs of wild red horses roam about the town, literally stopping traffic when they choose to stop in the middle of the road to chat or gallop through the edges of town knocking over fences to get into the lushest gardens to nibble the grass.

It's an island of funny looking dogs with big ears - the gene pool seems quite limited.

It's a place of tropical flowers and bare green hills devoid of trees where often the only shade is provided by one of the Moai. Ahh yes the Moai....over 800 stone giants who are dotted all over this tiny isolated island. Some have toppled over and lie face down on the ground looking like they have fainted from fright - quite possible seeing that they have stared down tsunamis and clan warfare. Others have been put back up and keep their beady eyes on the land and the local town. Then at the Quarry, called the Nursery by the locals you can see where the Moai were born. Some are still lying down half carved in their stone beds abandoned before being finished while others are marooned in a sea of green grass looking like they were buried by suprise on their way down the hill. Local legends say that the Moai simply got up and walked to their various platforms all over the island - these ones at the quarry certainly look like they are headed somewhere.....


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