Monday, October 03, 2005

Photo time

This cute little fella goes by the name of Junior, he is a young Howler monkey and can usually be found draped around the neck of a young Bolivian guy who works at the park. Junior usually is very well behaved and never seems to do anything but sit on peoples shoulders looking sweet....until of course I was asked to mind him for a few minutes. Seconds after this photo was taken Junior leapt off my shoulder and hotfooted it into the kitchen of the cafe grabbing eggs, eating bread, dancing across the hotplates, throwing cutlery everywhere while Ed and I were in hot persuit shouting "no Junior" and grabbing at his tail while he tried snapping at me with big teeth. Lucky for us his minder returned and so did order to the cafe, I slunk away defeated by a tiny monkey.
Rico showing off just how good his camoflage is in the jungle. Sometimes when I walk him he almost totally disappears and all I can see is the end of his rope....being a typical selfish feline he also likes to choose sleeping spots that have maximum comfort for him and usually leave me perched on an ants nest, stuck in the rain or the sun. Any suggestion from me that we move on is met with a growl...
My favourite bird ever - the glorious Toucan. This one who goes by the name of Mr T is my fave, he looks like a cartoon bird from a Froot Loops box. Other birds in the aviary shout out "hola" and "bugger off" to me when I walk past every morning - bless.
The worlds most dopey turtle. These guys are everywhere and their main purpose in life seems to be to provide entertainment for the Pumas and the Ocelots. The cats can't do much to them as they just suck in their heads and wait til the cats get bored but every cat walkers heart sinks when their kitty cat comes across a turtle as it usually means standing and waiting for half an hour til the cat is bored and unless you like being attacked you must never attempt to take the turtles from them, so much fun. This particular turtle is the bain of my life as he manages to wander into Ricos cage area everyday making it rather challenging to get the beast back in his cage.
Many of our days at Inti Wara Yassi go like this, wake early, walk Ocelot / Puma all day long, return from jungle sweaty and exhausted, shower, go to the only shop in town, find ridiculous outfit for dress up party, drink 1 dollar bottles of rum and 1 dollar giant beers, pass out 1am, wake with hangover, walk cat....and so on. Never have I attended so many dress up parties, I think we've been to 5 so far and there will be more I'm sure- this one was a stupid headwear party as you might be able to guess. Half the people attending just raided the gardens in the park - I am sporting some lovely straw stuff that some lady was about to weave into a basket.


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