Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Testing Times

It seems that everyday the universe likes to throw out a new challenge to me here in the crazy world of Inti Wara Yassi - take the last few days just as an example. Friday, nice walk with the beast, no attacks and all is good. Back to the cage area for a bit of R n R when all of a sudden a tropical storm somewhat akin to Hurricane Katrina rolls in, I get Rico back in his cage and cower under a leaky tarpaulin while rain lashes down on me and lighting flashes across the sky. Then the wind picks up hurling branches and large sections of trees down towards me. At this point I have a quandry, do I get in the cage with a wild cat or do I stay outside and get nutted by a tree? I choose the former and hop in the cage with the beast who fortunately decides claws are not the answer and the two of us ride the thing out.

Saturday, nice walk all going well until Rico dives for something in the bushes and prances back out holding a great big yellow and black snake in his mouth. He dances towards me hurling the snake in my direction looking pleased...I dodge it and he then proceedes to torture / play with the snake for half an hour and at one stage ending up with the snake coiled around his head and I have to use a stick to pluck it off. Then to top things off, Simba a great big Puma arrives, normally Rico will hide in the bushes when Simba walks past but because he has his snake he refuses to move meaning that I have to get in the bushes with a hissing Ocelto and the snake. Then Simba decides to pounce at Rico meaning I am now in the bushes with a spitting Ocelot, a hissing snake and now a huge Puma flying towards me. Fortunately Simba gets pulled back by his minders and the snake seeing a window of opportunity bolts for freedom. Rico is furious and insists on looking for his snake for the next 40 minutes to no avail.

Sunday - nice walk - on the way home walking accross rotten wooden footbridge one of the planks gives way and I fall through the bridge leaving only my arms and head visible. Rico not sympathetic, or helpful. I manage to extract myself and limp home with a swollen and bruised shin, wonder what would happen if I broke my leg? Would they find me half eaten by an Ocelot three days later?


Blogger torshy said...

Oh my god darling your ocelot is gorgeous! Having said that, times do sound a little trying. The most dangerous thing that has happened to me lately is being told off for going the wrong way on a bike path- which happens pretty much every day.
I'm sure that he wouldn't eat you. Actually I'm not at all.

4:54 AM  

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