Monday, September 05, 2005

Goodbye Peru - Hello Bolivia

Ed peddles to the border

After the floating islands we decided to hotfoot it that afternoon to Boliva. It was an unusual border crossing - once that involved a ride in a mini bus, then a ride in a bicycle rickshaw and then we completed our passage by foot. The bicycle rickshaw was odd, it's 4000 metres above sea level and one rather small peruvian man was attempting to pedal the two gordo australians and our equally large backpacks up a small hill. Finally Ed offered to pedal which was very gallant but only lasted about 200 metres before the altitude was killing him and he demanded that I get off too. Finally all three of us walked pushing the rickshaw and the bags along with us.

Can't say that I was too grief stricken to leave Peru, it's a strange land that I had a real love hate relationship with. I have to say as I sailed along on my bike through the silent streets towards the frontier my head and my heart were already turned towards to Bolivia.


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