Sunday, August 21, 2005

The littlest Katty

Since I've been in Sth America I've undergone a name change, there are no "Kates" in Espanol only "Kattys" (prounounced soemthing like "Carty")

I had the pleasure of meeting this tiny Katty at the kids centre where we volunteered - she quickly latched on to me and I became her personal playmate for the rest of the week. Like the rest of the kids that go there, Katty has parents and a home but often these parents are very poor and are often out all day and night trying to make some money for the family. Often the little kids are left to play in the streets alone or they too wander around all night selling cigarettes and postcards to tourists. This centre gives them the chance to play, do their homework and have a little meal before they all disappear off into the night at 7pm. Having worked in a child care centre in Sydney where the parents wouldn't let their kids walk two blocks home in broad daylight it was very strange to see little girls as young as 6 putting on their backpacks and walking out into the dark streets for a 40 minute walk home alone.

It was sad leaving the centre at the end of this week but hopefully we will return for the Birthday Party which is for every child that goes there. Being so poor these kids miss out on things like birthdays at home so the centre had picked a special date where everyone can pretend it's their birthday - even me and the little Katty.


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