Friday, August 12, 2005

The cutest baby ever

This little fellow is only 21 days old and in my opinion is just as cute as a button. Although I do love llamas and alpacas I just dont think you can go past a baby donkey in terms of adorable.

Eduardo and I headed off to the Colca Canyon for a couple of days on a tour. For the train spotter types amongst you the Colca Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world (The deepest is 1oo odd metres deeper and is up the road). A beautiful place filled with tiny villages, Vicunas (the wild relative of the Llama and Alpaca) and best of all Condors. Condors are a seriously big bird, and weighing up to 35 kilos I discovered that these massive creature do not hunt live animals but merely eat dead ones as they are part of the Vulture family. Absolutely magnificent in the air these guys spend all day flying around hoping to spot something that looks dead, they then spend about 6 hours circling it to make sure it really is dead and finally land to go gorge themselves. Bloody tough gig I say. When I mentioned this to our guide and asked what kind of things they often find dead she said "oh mostly Donkeys, they often fall down." I hope my little baby is careful in the future.

And for those not into donkeys here is a baby alpaca - so woolly , so cute.


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