Wednesday, August 03, 2005

All by myself

self portrait of a trekking "widow" by lake......

Yes in the best interests of both of us, Eduardo and I decided to go our seperate ways....for all of four days. Eduardo chose to walk in the cold mountains, sleep in a chilly tent with only a pair of Belgian chess players for company while I revelled in sleep ins, decent food and coffee and quite a solid chunk of work which I had procured from a Melbourne newspaper.

But all work and no play makes Kate a dull girl so I thought I'd bust out and take myself on a tour where I would see wonderous things and perhaps meet other travellers. The wonderous things turned up but I realised I was in for a challenging day when the rest of my tour group consisted of middle aged Peruvian men on some kind of business trip and a handful of Peruvian families.... yep looks like its another day on my own.

But we did vist the stunning Llangunco Lake which was just about made up for it all......


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