Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Another day in paradise...

I am sitting at a table, in front of a computer....nothing strange about that except that i am sitting outside with the warm breeze ruffling my hair and lovely soft green mountains surround me. What an office! But I feel obliged to point out that I have only popped in to check a few things and then will head off as it would be criminal to be an email nerd in such a glorious place as Vilcabamba.

We are staying in a gorgeous place out of town run by two jolly Bavarian brothers - Peter and Dieter. Needless to say, we got drinking with Peter and playing pool and the like and suprise suprise today I have one of my first hangovers of the trip. Dangerous folk those Bavarians. The US / English couple that are living there seem to have a touch of fear in their eyes before also succumbing to his charms.....they didnt get to bed til 2am before having to go and teach a roomful of kids and take a four hour mountain hike respectively!

The place has hammocks, a swimming pool, giant chess (?), warm balmy weather, an Ecuadorian massuer who used to look after Danny DaVito and a couple of big headed german pointer dogs. What more could one want?

Here for 4 days and then it's goodbye Ecuador and HELLO Peru.


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