Tuesday, June 28, 2005

In the Jungle

Before Eduardo and I choose to be tear gassed at Inti Rami we spent a couple of days in the jungle in an amazing place called Bellavista. There we joined the ranks of the seriously obsessed bird nerds (usually old people who are hard of hearing and have bad eyesight which makes it a tad difficult to see the birds). Ed came close to joining their ranks as you can see, clutching his "Birds of Ecuador" bible he thinks he has spotted a purple spotted masked trogon. He seriously needs help. In the meantime I am modelling the very latest in footwear for the jungle. Gum Boots, perfect for keeping all sorts of nasty creatures and water out whilst keeping the foot nice and sweaty.

The best thing about Bellavista is the geodome that we stayed in. Build entirely out of bamboo it is perched on the edge of the huge reserve. Eduardo and I got to sleep in the very top of the dome which gave us 360 views of the valley but also entailed a hairaising climb up ladders and things to get there. (Certainly went a long way to cure my fear of heights).


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