Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This sporting life

Our new family have four kids and are pretty clean living, as a result Eduardo and I are leading a much healthier life than we ever imagined possible.

Basically our family love sport. Basketball, Football (or as the latinos spell it Futbol) every day. Sometimes just us and the kids but yesterday it was the whole family. I think they got someone to mind the shop and before I knew it I'm running around with Mum, Dad, their kids plus a couple of other kids from somewhere playing a very vigorous game of soccer. Of course I made a total arse of myself quite literally, by tripping over the ball and then landing arse first on top of it. However even though Eduardo accused me of not trying much it was kind of fun. the other advantage of such a clean living life that I've actually lost weight despite the almost constant presence of fried things in my diet - I even had get my pants taken in.

But I shouldnt get too comfortable, come the weekend Eduardo and I will hit the road again and I will be responsible for myself - eating lots of bad food, drinking lots of red wine and certainly for me there will be no more futbul. Perhaps I shouldnt have had those pants taken in so tight afterall......


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