Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Happy Days are here again

Well Eduardo blows back into town and what do you know out comes the sun and the rain seems to be banished for the time being. (Apart from our very first morning when we had to walk to school with our backpacks on that is when it was bucketing...)

So now I am seeing Banos in quite a different light - I am now a student at Mayras Spanish School and tp my suprise I am actually enjoying my classes, though I especially love the break when we all climb up to the roof of our building and sit in the sun with coffee and have a gossip (in espanol of course) with our teachers. Today we had a crazy conversation that spanned topics such as Ricky Martin, Bananas in Pajamas to astrology and once again...cuy reading.

Eduardo and I are also living with a local family here in Banos which sheds some welcome and different light on the place after the 5 days of rain and gringo cafes I had indulged in previously.

This time our family is big - they have a very cute little son who is 7, identical twins (girls) who are 9 and an older daughter who is 11. To make things weirder they own and run a hotel so even though we are living with a family we are still staying in a hotel room. Our family also own a furniture shop which is downstairs so its all quite bizarre but I´m sure will be handy if I'm ever in need of a nice Nick Scali style couch or a bed with tigers carved into it.

Yesterday we made the most of this spectacular weather and hiked up this big hill that sits behind the town - the ground is flat and then it just rises dramatically up and up - there is no slow incline to get used to the thing. Of course I struggled up but it was worth it - the view was incredible and so nice to be in the sun. Later Ed and I hired a cab and whipped up to another view point where we could finally see the mother of a volcano that sits behind this town. Thanks to the clear day we got to see it rumbling and smoking away. Quite awe inspiring but scary at the same time.

On another note something else that was not awe inspiring but was most certainly scary was the drink my family served this morning. I was all sleepy and thought it was cofee and took a big gulp - it turned out out to be hot fruit juice with some cereal strirred in ............. let me tell you it was so disgusting I almost lost my huevos.


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