Saturday, June 04, 2005

Rain Rain Rain

Here in Banos.

On the upside:

We are residing at the foot of one of the worlds most active volcanos which could blow any moment - which gives me a tiny frisson of excitement when I wake each day.

On the downside:

Its been raining for 5 days straight

I don't think I've experienced this much rain on a holiday since the entire Browne family (plus obligatory kid from up the road tagging along) made their ill fated journey to Coffs Harbour one year only to have it rain buckets every single day leaving us stranded in the cramped confines of our hotel / motel room for a week (or was it two?). The only highlight of the holiday was becoming the proud owner of a shiny green pet rock and sniggering at Leif Garrett on Countdown with my brother.

Its a similar feeling here in this oh so tiny town dedicated to adventure of the outdoor kind. Instead of mountain biking and climbing volcanos the primary achievement of my trip to Banos so far seems to have been finally finding the time to pain my toenails silver.

They look very nice............ and I might just be going completely barking mad.


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