Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Latin American Cargo Pants

I mentioned a few posts ago that somehow I have managed to drop a few kilos here in Ecuador despite a diet of fried things three times a day. As a result (hey I'm not whinging) I had to take my two pairs of cargo pants to be taken in.

Now we all know Cargo pants are meant to be loose, but mine were so loose that I could take them off without undoing them so I take them to this woman and through some bad spanish and some miming I indicate I want them taken in a tad so they don´t fall off. She smiled, whipped out her chalk and started drawing all over my pants with relish. I then leave them there and return to pick them up a few days later. I take them home and put them on, the first pair are now absolutely skin tight, mostly around the arse before tapering off at the bottom. The second pair, similar situation but worse, I actually have to lie down to zip them up where they are then welded to my backside. My two most comfortable items of clothing now feel like something I would wear out clubbing with a pair of stillettos.

But then again it's my own fault - I should have taken a good look around before taking them to be adjusted. Here in Latin America for the ladies its all about the backside. Large and ( v occassionally) small, but always perky (think J-Lo) these chicks bums are there to be showed off in tight pants, and the tighter the better. God only knows what these girls think of us gringa girls in our dowdy boyish baggy cargo pants but in my case my sewing lady probably thought she was doing me a favour, bless her. And thanks to just how tight they are I´m sure I'll be thinking of her everytime I wiggle my way down the street in my specially customised Latin American Cargo Pants.


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