Thursday, September 01, 2005

Peruvian Mystery No: 6

The Electric Shower.

Remember when you were little and your Mum told you that water and electricity should never, ever mix? Well it seems that no-one told the Peruvians this as they are huge fans of this nasty invention. Imagine a regular shower head rendered Frankenstein-like with all manner of electrical switches and wires poking out all within splish splashing distance of the barely warm water that it delivers.

Add to this mix water that fluctuates from barely warm to freezing to barely there at all and electric shocks whenever you dare to touch the tap or put your head too close to the shower head.

Forget a strong cup of coffee or a splash of water to the face in order to wake up in the mornings – I can assure you that NOTHING will wake you up faster on a cold Andean morning than standing stark naked under a dribble of lukewarm water while receiving an electric shock to the head. Goooooood mooooooorning Peru!


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