Sunday, September 04, 2005

Leg Dandruff

High, higher, at 3800 metres. For the last month we have exsisted at somewhere over 3000 metres in various locations, the result, total breathlessness, sleeplessness and an overall feeling of malaise that is hard to pin down. I never thought I could render myself out of breath by brushing my teeth but up here it's possible. It also never rains so everything is so dry, we wake with our mouths stuck together, lips chafed and everyday my nose bleeds. The skin on my hands is so dry it cracks and tears with ease and as for my legs...who would have thought it was possible to develop leg dandruff?

On the upside, thanks to the total lack of any moisture in the air my normally unruly hair is sitting atop of my head all flat, shiny and as meek and mild as a lamb.


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