Friday, November 25, 2005


It was a hot and sultry Buenos Aires evening as I sat back in my comfy armchair in the blissful cool of airconditioning to watch a new release video. Shortly after the movie I had dinner, a three course affair consisting of cold starter of potato salad and cheeses, a steak (which I gave to Eduardo), potatoes in red wine gravy, creme caramel and a glass of Argentinian red. After dinner I had a coffee and a chocolate coated shortbread and then settled back to watch another film. Sometime around 10.30 I was offered a glass of champagne as a nightcap before snuggling down into my bed, covered by a soft fluffy blanket I snooze through the night.

I wake feeling refreshed and breakfast on fresh croissants and hot coffee before opening the curtains to check out the view.....Buenos Aires had become the far north jungle town of Puerto Iguazu. Yep, just another night doing it tough on the fabulous buses of Argentina.


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