Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yo soy de Canada

or maybe I can be from New Zealand but either way for the next five days I ain't owning up to the fact I'm an Aussie. We are here in Montevideo - Uruguay for the Australia V Uruguay match to qualify one of these fair nations for the World Cup. Apparently the Aus Govt have issued a travel warning as it might get hairy for us Aussies here as these folk take their soccer mighty seriously. For those of you that know me it is true that I couldn't give a bugger about futbol really but Eddy is pretty keen on it and I couldn't resist visiting a city that has a name like a tragic 80's pop band.

On the bright side the chirpy Uruguayan lady at customs this morning called me "joven" which quite literally translates as "young", bless her. She also picked Ed as a foreigner but seemed to think I was a local so maybe I will be able to fly under the radar at the game afterall. Viva la Uruguay.


Blogger torshy said...

Hey love gott sei dank you guys have let me know about the match- finally I can watch an Australian team play something and not have to listen to my colleagues crap on about American football. Aussie aussie aussie indeed.... Let's hope we get in and then I can have the dubious thrill of being laughed at when they lose in Germany...

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