Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A book a day

What a difference good weather makes.............Thong Nai Pan before..........................

Thong Nai Pan after...............

I love the long hot lost days that fall between Christmas and New Year. In Sydney I usually managed to take this week off work and it is usually a hazy blur of food, wine, sun, sea and books. Things aren't too different here on Ko Phangan, I think the place has become even more laid back than it was before during this time. The weather has finally decided to behave transforming the ocean from a grey, raging monster to a cool green lake. fringed by coconut palms and a white beach. Days are sliding by punctuated by eating, swimming and reading. I have been living on a diet that consists of a book a day - so far I have devoured The Life of Pi, The Lovely Bones, The time travellers wife, The Right Stuff and now Oracle Night by Paul Auster - I am like a book bullimic.

At night we wander out to the beach, meet up with a few people we have befriended for a beer or some dinner. The restaurants on the beach are all covered in fairy lights and coloured lanterns, the bars hidden up jungle trails and decked out with coloured cushions and hammocks just perfect for lounging. Before I know it another lazy day has slithered past and its time for bed, lucky we have one more week of this before plunging back into some serious hard travel to Cambodia and Burma.


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