Sunday, March 26, 2006

The pain with so little gain

Moon the cleanse guru

"Moon, I've been vomiting all night and I feel terrible"

"Oh good, good!"

I am really starting to wonder who is the crazy one here...the band of cleanse warriors that Ed and I are sharing our last weeks in Thailand with who think spewing all night and feeling terrible is a great positive experience, or me for being insane enough to actually shell out money to feel this bad. This thought hit me as I sat last night at 2am on the toilet, holding a bucket that I could throw up into, wearing a headlamp on my head cause the electricity had been shut off, while large spiders crawled around on the walls above me.

Ed (stomach of steel) Holmes has been faring a lot better than moi so far, and was even good enough to come down stairs to the bathroom to bring me a pillow after finding me curled up in a ball, whimpering on the floor.

But after a morning of feeling crap (pardon the pun) and after some fabulous coconut juice I have slowly started to rebuild myself. But although the others have told me by Day five I will be feeling fabulous I am wondering why I have had such a bad reaction compared to the rest of the group who have had nothing but some headaches and tiredness, am I paying serious karma for my years of boozing and partying it up?

Since I've been feeling so nauseous I have had to avoid the "Wellness Centre" where the conversations of our fellow fasters range from when they were rebirthed and did their fire walking course to, of course, poo.

These are some of the conversations that I have been privvy to.

"Well I didn't know what the green thing was that came out of me so I took some photos to show Moon"

"Has anyone else had something like white spaghetti?"

"I really found that mine smelt nice, I'm mean sure, I didn't want to eat it but it kind of smelt like paprika"

You can't really blame me for feeling sick.

But my favourite line so far was from my very own Eduardo who upon hearing Moons slightly garbled intro to what the colonics were about said "Well at least we get coffee drinks so that's good" to which I snapped "the coffee isn't to drink, it's to go up your bum".

Ah such high romance on the beaches of Thailand.


Blogger tiff and michael said...

Ah Kate. You are not alone. Jackie has a great story about her colonic experience. Yes, there is a lady in Newcastle, her home laundry doubling as a colonic irrigation centre, who can help if you feel you need further cleansing on your return to Australia. She also sits there with you, massaging your stomach, as it all comes out as you ly there naked from the waist down. If you're interested I'm sure I can get her details for you from mum. - Tiff

3:36 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Oh my god Tiff, that is hilarious! I am happy to report that we conduct our colonic sessions alone thank goodness - don't know if I could cope with some Newcastle lady coaching me on from the sidelines....

Looking forward to seeing you, Morkle and Henry at the big birthday bash - very exciting!


9:20 PM  

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