Saturday, April 08, 2006

Less Tiger More Teapot

Home again, home again jiggy jig jig. First impressions, Sydney looks so orderly, placid and so clean I swear someone gets up in the night and gives it a spit polish. I laughed at the traffic jam Ed and I got caught in on the Anzac Bridge yesterday, I used to think it had to be one of the worst bits of gridlock ever, but we were moving after a ten minute wait, a positive breeze compared to sitting in Bangkok traffic not moving for an hour and a half.

Other things......... people here look so tall, making me feel like a shortarse. In Australia I'm a very average 5ft 7 but in Asia and South America I was like an Amazon, towering over most of the locals. I also feel like a bit of an alien, not sure what music or films are cool, what clothes are in fashion and how people live day to day lives when they are not roaming the world with a bag on their back, it's weird - just like being in another foreign country really.

Ed is struggling too, he managed to thank the supermarket lady in Thai yesterday much to her bemusement.

On the brighter side of the fence, soft beds, powerful showers with hot water that doesn't run out, being able to drink the water out of the tap and the best thing of all - Australian wine.....ahhhh so delicious after the paint stripper we have been partaking in over the last 12 months. (Not so good for the post detox though I have to admit.)

So dear readers, I'm happy to report this is not the end of the blog or my journey....... though I can't promise too many tigers in the next couple of months I still have some good pics and travel stories that never made it onto the blog while I was on the road and there might even be a bit of day to day life in Sydney storytelling too. I've always been of the opinion the everyday can make rather exotic reading too, depending on how you choose to see it.

So stay tuned....if you dare.


Blogger Di said...

Welcome back to Sydney Kate and Ed!
I will still look forward to reading your entries of day to day Sydney life, with great anticipation. It's become a weekly routine now to check the latest update for the past year, old habits die hard :)

11:47 PM  

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