Friday, March 31, 2006

All aboard the night train

Just another thing I love about Thailand are the trains. Normally the idea of night travel makes me shudder but here it's all class, second class to be exact.

If you book a second class ticket you arrive and sit in a seat, look out the window, admire the view. Then after some dinner and a beer, a little man appears and turns the seats into a comfy bed, complete with pillow, blanket, a curtained partion and even a reading light.

Result? Rather than peeling ourselves off sweaty vinyl seats, sleepless and cranky we arrived in Bangkok this morning feeling completely refreshed.


Blogger torshy said...

Hey hon- love the fast stories. Sounds absolutely ghastly. Actually I think when you loose weight often you belly does get bigger compared to your waste just becuase the body keeps fat there which it loses off other places. But I still think it was mean...
love hanna

12:06 AM  

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