Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And it's eating time!

Shoes parked outside the restaurant

Well we've done it - we've survived the fast. With it came extreme vomiting, embarassing discussions about poo, compromising situations, mood swings like you wouldn't believe and a mind like a sieve. (between us Ed and I have managed to lose the key to our bungalow about 6 times in as many days).

This morning after one last disgusting shake and a wheatgrass colonic (just another ingredient I don't think I will want to swallow ever again) we were dispatched to the restaurant with a voucher for a tiny bowl of papaya drizzled with lime. Strangely we didn't even feel hungry but my tongue loved every second. It felt so good to chew something and the lime was like an explosion of flavour in my mouth - ahhhh. It took me about half an hour to eat mine and Ed didn't even finish. Almost straight away you could feel the little energy in our bodies draining away to be deployed in the business of digestion.

So what do I think? My hair, nails and skin look and feel amazing - my eyes are clear and even my stomach is flat. A few kilos lighter and I feel quite light and well. The dowside of the fast - the furry tongue, gummy teeth, vomiting, the brain drain and the mood swings.

Would I do it again? I'm not sure - on one hand it must be a good thing to give your body a break from everything toxic that we pour into it but I'm not sure if it's worth the pain.

I read in a trashy mag that everytime Jennifer Aniston has an awards show to attend she books herself into a spa like this one for 7 days so she can 'look her very best' - that is such a worry. How much time and obsession must you have on your hands to be able to dedicate 7 days to not eating just so you can look good for one night, priorities please!

But without wanting to get too spiritual about it all, the fast does teach you the value of food, the importance of food, what it feels like not to have food, and how as westerners, food is something we take for granted. It is always available - and in such plentiful amounts and varieties we can use it as a source of entertainment, a way to stave off boredom, almost as a hobby.

So before we head back into eating land once again I will try and keep these things in mind and hopefully take some of the things I've learned on board for the long term - just wonder how long it will be before I want my first coffee?


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