Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Linga Longer

Excuse me, says Ed to the well dressed group of Thai business people on their way out to lunch. Do you know where the Penis Park is?

Well he didn't quite say that in English - he asked where the Linga Park is.......Linga in thai means penis, willy, whatever you want to call it, either way it guaranteed some nervous giggling from any local that we asked.

No, Ed and I aren't perverts - we were simply sussing out a little Bangkok oddity that I had heard about. In a small garden near the Raffles hotel is a buddhist shrine which somehow has gotten itself a reputation for granting fertility blessings. In other words if you want a family, get yourself down to the Linga Shrine and don't forget to take a little phallic something as an offering. The rule of thumb, or linga, seems to be the bigger the offering the kiddies that will come your way. There were wooden lingas, gigantic marble lingas, mosaic lingas, lingas with legs, homemade jobs and some rather professional looking ones. What I want to know is where on earth do you go to buy them?


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