Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ring Ring

I just realised that in the last year of travelling the world I used a telephone exactly 5 times in 12 months. Twice to ring my Mum for her birthday and for Christmas, once to ring my sister, and once each to ring the bank and to book a restaurant.

Today I have made over 13 phone calls, and since I've been home I've blown 70 bucks on mobile phone calls.

No wonder I'm having culture shock.

In other news, I have a broken toe. It appears that moving house is a hazard to little toes as I smacked mine on an unpacked box the other day, it's turning a nice blackish colour and I have taken to wearing my slippers out in public - stylish. I told a friend this who moved house last month and he informed me that he broke his toe too on a random piece of furniture whilst moving - apparently he is only just back to wearing normal shoes again. I am doomed to slipperdom for a few weeks it seems, lucky I'm too busy to see anyone.


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